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Developed by Namaste founder, Marisol Fitzgerald.

Namaste Signature Massage
This massage is customized to each individual’s needs. It is designed to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. This massage will ease you into relaxation and release stress throughout your entire body.
60 min - $95 / series of 6 $475
90 min - $140, 120 min - $185

Deep Tissue Massage
This type of massage focuses on releasing and relaxing areas of chronic tension. It releases muscle adhesions and is highly recommended for those with chronic stiff necks, back tightness, or shoulder pains.
90 min - $150.00 / series of 6 $750

Sports Massage
This massage is geared towards athletes of every kind. It releases adhesions and focuses on areas of the body that are overused from repetitive movement. Benefits from this massage include the release of lactic acid.
60 min - $120 / series of 6 $600

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Light touch works with lymph glands to increase flow of liquid through lymphatic system, stimulates detoxification, and promotes circulation. This is a specialized technique for maintaining a healthy immune system.
60 minutes - $100 / series if 6 $500

Hot Stone Massage
The smooth, heated stones found naturally on our earth penetrate tight muscles, encouraging the body to deeply relax as the warm stones melt away the tension and stress of everyday life.
60 min - $100 / series of 6 $500
90 min - $145

Wellness Massage
This 30-minute massage relieves pain and reduces tension in the area of your choice. It provides pain relief when you don’t have much time, or helps with chronic pain that requires extra, targeted attention.
30 min - $49

Couples Massage
Come and experience any of our relaxing full body massages in our couple’s room. The therapists create a customized treatment for each individual’s needs while in each other’s company.
60 min - $180
90 min - $260

Namaste Teen Massage
Based on the Namaste Massage techniques, this full-body, light pressure massage helps soothe and relax tired muscles, increase circulation, and induce a feeling of overall well-being.
60 min - $75

Teen Sports Massage
For the athletic teen, this treatment relieves sore muscles and tension brought about by sports, stress, and physical growth. Recommended before sporting events to stretch muscles and prepare the body for intense work out, and after for muscle repair.
60 min - $85

B O D Y - T R E A T M E N T S
All Body Wrap & Scrub Treatments Are Followed By A Shower,
Then An Organic Body Cream Application To Moisturize Your Skin.

Botanical Thermal Mud Wrap
This thermal mud wraps blends kaolin clay, lavender, chamomile and rose essentials for an overall relaxing effect. The kaolin clay helps to draw out impurities, reduce water retention and is naturally anti-inflammatory.
60 min - $100

Seaweed Thermal Wrap
This treatment uses the detoxifying power of sea algae. The algae wrap hydrates and detoxifies making it ideal for helping reduce cellulite and providing metabolic stimulation of the skin.
60 min - $100

Brown Sugar Body Scrub
This treatment includes dry brushing exfoliation with the aromatic brown sugar. This scrub also combines 6 luxurious oils (such as omega grape seed.) The combination of these rejuvenating oils and the exfoliating power of brown sugar leave your skin looking and feeling younger.
60 min - $100

The Namaste Herbal Detox
This exclusive 2-hour treatment combines the natural power of French green clay, green algae, and lavender oil with the healing power of massage. This treatment is used to improve circulation helping the detoxification process, and is followed by a full hour Swedish massage.
120 min - $200

Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub
This scrub includes an exfoliation using our organic Himalayan salt full of minerals. This is an excellent treatment for dry, dull, or sun-damaged skin, leaving a perfect skin glow.
60 min - $100

30min $65 / series $325